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Last Update: 4/15/14


  GTC Systems - CEO, Keith Esshaki

- April 22, 2014 - Tuesday, 12:00pm - 12:50pm. Markstein Hall 105.


Hi MIS Society!

Thank you for coming out and joining us in our previous STEM event! Hope you were able to Network with some good contacts during the event.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us in our upcoming speaker event for Mr. Keith Esshaki!

Mr. Esshaki will be addressing the important topic of "Managing IT Projects". This will be an excellent presentation to attend for those of you interested in the management of IT projects. The discussion will include various methodologies and tools that assist in the planning, moderation, and execution of an IT project. These methodologies along with the most up-to-date software solutions are crucial in providing the most efficient solution and as MIS majors you will see how to apply the knowledge you've learned in your courses towards a career in IT Project Management.

More information is available in the EVENTS page of the website so please be sure to check it out!

Mark your calendar for this event. Hope to see you there!!!!

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